A Message from the Sheriff:

Scott Hilliard

As your Sheriff, I’d like to thank you for visiting our website.   Our goal is to provide you with information that is not only insightful, but information that will be helpful for you to understand exactly what the Office of the Sheriff does. I’d like you to know that since my election in November of 2006, it has been my goal to make the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office an efficient and effective law enforcement operation while practicing the utmost fiscal restraint.   Because the Office of the Sheriff has a vast amount of responsibilities, it’s helpful to understand that we take our responsibility of working for the public very seriously and cherish the respect and confidence that the public, the county delegation members, the county commissioners, other county agencies,  local law enforcement and the community in general has in us.

As you may note, our motto for the office is “Working Together for a Safer Community”. I believe this is best accomplished by not only working with other law enforcement agencies, but with everyone, including, and very importantly, the public.   As we begin a new era at the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office, it is very important that the people we serve understand some of the details and basic operations of our office.   I believe that the Office of the Sheriff belongs to the people and I’m proudly serving as the steward of this office by your vote.   

I’m happy to say that the staff shares my interest in doing what we can to make our county a safe place and make the service to our citizens the best that it can be.   I’m pleased to report that we will continue to pursue grant money and find additional revenue sources to offset the expenses in our budget in order to bring you the most efficient and effective service available.   It is my goal to keep our citizens informed of what the Office of the Sheriff is doing.   Please feel free to visit our website and our office to find out how we can be of service to you.

Thank you,

Scott E. Hilliard



The history of the Office of the Sheriff is a chronicle of Western Civilization, a biography of democracy and a work-picture of man’s quest for equity and self-determination in matters pertaining to his Government.

Whenever we scan the documents of British and American history, we find the Office of the Sheriff entrusted with the maintenance of law and order and the preservation of domestic tranquility.  Some historian dates the Office of the Sheriff to ancient Roman times.  Other expresses the belief that the Office had its beginnings prior to the writing of the Magna Carta in 1215 in England.  Of the 63 Articles in the Magna Carta, 27 Articles refer directly or indirectly to the Office of the Sheriff.  Historians agree that the Office of the Sheriff is one of the most familiar and useful to be found in the history of English Institutions.  The functions and the powers of the Office have undergone changes, but for over seven centuries it has maintained a continuous existence and preserved features.